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Detective Horror Story in Hindi | The Invisible Man-4 | Thriller Suspense Stories | Hindi Kahani | Ghost Stories | Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai

The Invisible Man-4 is a detective horror story in hindi of a town where people were dying mysteriously after seeing a man called as "Yam". The whole town started believing that some cursed ancient soul has started killing people one by one. Famous Detective Boomrah is called to solve the case, but he is troubled by the mystery of the Black Lake. Sam is lost mysteriously across an abandoned house. Will he be able to save lives of people? Listen to the concluding episode of the thriller detective horror story in hindi for more.

लोग उसे यम कहने लगे थे! जो भी उस काले साये को देख लेता था वो अगले दिन ही मर जाता था ! क्या डिटेक्टिव बुमराह बृजेश की जान बचा पाएंगे? क्या वो उस काली झील का राज़ जान पाएंगे? क्या सैम अब उस काले साये के कब्ज़े में चला गया है? सुनिए कहानी "The Invisible Man-4 " की!

Listen to Part 1, 2 & 3 by clicking the below link:-
The Invisible Man Part-1 -

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The Invisible Man Part-3-

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