Earth Jolts - Episode #2 - Mission Possible

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As Earth Month comes to an end, Mother Earth is back to give us another jolt, and to keep us inspired until the next one.

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Mother Earth’s Bio:

First Name - Mother
Last Name - Earth
Age – Billion years+/-
Location – Universe
Closest Relatives – Venus and Mars, although often compared with Kepler
Friends – Environmentalists, Earth Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts. Also known to hang out with lots of Stars.
Philanthropy – Continually gifts unlimited air, water, food, beauty, raw materials, precious stones, etc.
Accomplishments – Sustains all earthly life forms including the generations before us and those yet to come.
Interests – Circular Economics, Green Living, Sustainability, Conservation, Waste Management, Natural Therapies
Relationship Values - Mutual Respect, Cleanliness, Living in Harmony, Loyalty, etc.
Fears - Pretty fearless but somewhat concerned about asteroids
Favorite Song – Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

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