Engine Tear Down, due to low oil pressure. What's the root cause?

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Time to tear down my engine and find out why I'm having terrible oil pressure. Is it the pump? The bearings? Something else? All I can say is it's not what I expected to find. If you have an oil pressure issue, you need to watch this engine tear down, due to low oil pressure. It does not matter what kind of motor you have, all motors operate the same. No oil pressure? Somethings wrong. Follow along with the engine build, by subscribing below;

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This channel is all about muscle car how to's and what to watch out for, when working on your own car. Also fresh off of installing a New TREMEC TKX from Silver Sport Transmissions, and a FiTech fuel injection system. Subscribe to watch more projects on this built, not bought, 1969 Pontiac GTO.

Here's the latest Walk Around of the GTO, filmed by

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Playlists of interest;
Hydraulic Clutch and Tremec TKO/TKX install;

FiTech Fuel Injection Install;

Here's the original Hydraulic Roller Lifter Fail Inspection, and process:

Here's the Official Part 1, where Mike starts the preparation of Engine removal

Here's the start of the TREMEC installation,

Enjoy, and ask questions by leaving a comment See you on the other side!

See the build pics, before and after, at

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