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At the end of each year, it time for a garden smack down, were begin the serious task of cutting back and removing the first stages of garden cleanup. While we wait for Diggers Hotline, we’ve been collecting and spreading bags of leaves and grass clipping, inspecting different part of our gardens and deciding what we need to prepare, remove or at least, cut back.

We have leaves in position for covering our garlic which we will begin planting next week. We’ll look at our Monkshoods, Canna Lily and Montauk Daisies which are in full bloom and see the latter’s progress since cutting, planting and replanting Montauk Daisies along our front berm. We also have to start watching our tender bulbs, including Elephant Ears, Calla & Canna Lilies, Dahlias, Peruvian Daffodils and Amaryllis because we will need to dig them up after the first hard frost and prepare them for storage after winter. So, join us as we walk around taking care of business.

Thanks for watching, caring and sharing. Stay safe, remain healthy and be happy. #KeepTheLoveGrowing. Lynn & Richard
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