I Hate You - I Love You | Chapter 2 - Searching | Madboys Originals | ft. Vidya Pradeep, Dev

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Having become parents recently, Vishnu and Shruthi are having a stressful time adjusting to the new routine. They are amidst a heated argument, nervously searching for something; all this while trying hard not to wake up their 8-month-old baby.
What are they searching for in such a hurry?
Will that resolve their dispute in the end?

Chapter 1: Alarm:
Chapter 2: Searching:

Created and Produced by Shree Karthick, Dev

Dev :

Shree Karthick :

Written and Directed by Shree Karthick
Starring: Dev, Vidya Pradeep
Cinematographer: Arun Vijaykumar
Editing: Sreejith Sarang
Theme Song: Staccato
Background Music: Staccato and Jakes Bejoy
DI: Franklin V

Executive Producer: Vignesh GB
First Assistant Director: Abhinav G. Athrey
Camera Asst: Adithya Krishnamurthy

Sound Design: Sachin Sudhakaran, Hariharan M (Sync Cinema)
SFX Editors: Bala Kesavan, Sankaran AS, Siddharthan KC (Sync Cinema)
Foley Recordist: SP Narayanan, Vijay
Foley Artists: Vijay Kumar V, Kamazhan, Karthick Muniyandi
Foley Assistants: S Parasuraman, R Pravin Kumar
Recorded at: Studio Spectrum
Foley Performed @WAVE WORX Sound Station PVT LTD, Chennai
Foley Performed @ SOUND POST, Chennai
Sound Effects Editors: Ananth Abhimanyu

Dubbing: Dev, Smrithi
Hair and Makeup: Kumar
Poster Design: Surya Naveen
Title Design: Sanath
Additional Background Score:

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