Love Jihad पर Yogi Adityanath govt के अध्यादेश से interfaith marriage और Conversion रुक सकेंगे?

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The Lallantop Show. 25 November 2020
In today's show, Saurabh Dwivedi brings you the whole debate around Love-Jihad. UP's Yogi Adityanath government gave a nod to a draft ordinance on Love-Jihad. The new law will put the onus on the defendant to prove that conversion was not for marriage. The ordinance recommends 1-5 years imprisonment if an accused fails to prove that the conversion of the woman was not for marriage or by use of force, allurement, etc, and the jail sentence for the offense would be 3-10 years if the woman is from the SC/ST community or is seen as part of mass conversion. Interestingly, in February, Modi Govt told in Parliament that no central agency found any case of love-Jihad.

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