LOW WASTE MAKEUP ROUTINE | minimal, sustainably & easy glow up ????✨

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My zero (low) waste makeup routine. Featuring sustainable brands with minimal ingredients and cruelty-free. Minimal and easy. Avoid creating landfill waste in your makeup routine with me.

Hello friends! It is so good to be with you today, and on the last day of Earth Month. I hope you all are feeling well today, and I look forward to seeing you in my next video.


Mentioned Tools
❤ Lotion for that glowww: Yay for Earth
❤ Plume eyebrow serum ; use code is ECOGODDESS for 15% off sitewide
❤ Vapor cheek & lip tint ()
❤ 100%Pure lipstick () & mascara ()
❤ Fat & the Moon eyeshadow
❤ Not mentioned but highly recommend for folks who like to wear foundation: Kjaer Weis () or 100%Pure ()

What I Use to Make My Videos
Film & photography gear:
» Camera:
» Lens:
» Mic:

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