NieR Replicant Rainbow Trout location (Fisherman's Gambit part 3)

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The Fisherman's gambit 3 - Where and how to catch a Rainbow Trout. This the bait that i used and the location of the fishes. Pretty easy.

The Fisherman's Gambit is a quest in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt. This quest becomes available after catching the Shaman Fish as part of the main story.

The Fisherman's Gambit series of quests are the only quests that carry through to Part 2.
Sardines can be caught at the Seafront Beach. For tips on fishing and a list of fish and how to catch them, see Fishing (NieR).
After completing this quest, Sardines can now be purchased from the Tackle Shop and the Fish Shop. Carp is also now purchasable from Tackle Shop as well.

Gestalts, nicknamed Shades by the Replicants and dubbed Demons (マモノ, mamono) in Japanese, are a type of creature and enemy in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). Though they are at first thought to be nothing more than evil beings, they are more human than they seem.

Shades are actually the souls of the original humans, who lived until around 2053 (2049 in NieR Gestalt). During Project Gestalt, these souls were separated from their bodies as a way to survive the incurable White Chlorination Syndrome, a deadly contagious disease, which threatened humanity with extinction at that time.

These Gestalt forms were meant to be temporary until the threat would eventually disappear from the world by itself. Then the Shades would have been fused with their corresponding living shell, known as Replicants. However, due to a technological defect during the transformation process, the Replicants eventually developed a consciousness of their own and subconsciously rejected their fate as mere shells. Gestalts lost access to their bodies.

Due to the relapse phenomenon Shades could become hostile and aggressive monsters, which are encountered throughout the game.

Replicants and Gestalts can retain their sapience due to the existence of the Original Gestalt, who is known only as the leader of the Shades, or Shadowlord, by Replicants.

Grimoire Weiss is a companion and deuteragonist in NieR and its remake.

He was a hovering, magical tome that served as Nier's access to magical spells (known as Words), new melee attacks, and weapon upgrades.

Grimoire Weiss, also known as the "white book", was initially released with Nier's help. He was known as the white book, because he is meant to stop Grimoire Noir, the black book. In the past, Weiss was a part of Project Gestalt along with those who became known as Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Rubrum. Grimoire Weiss "only contains a small portion of the Sealed Verses' power," as said by Devola and Popola, meaning that the power of the Sealed Verses are immensely strong.

Grimoire Weiss appears as downloadable content in NieR:Automata. His likeness can be used as a Pod appearance.

Yonah is a major character in NieR and its remake. Yonah is either Nier's daughter or sister, who was infected with the Black Scrawl. She knows Nier works hard to provide for her and attempts to find a cure for her illness, but there are times when she just wishes he were home to keep her company. Despite being gravely ill, Yonah remains a courageous and exuberant little girl who tries hard to lessen Nier's worrying, although her efforts often cause more trouble than help. Due to her frail health, she mostly stays at home.


Difficulty: Hard
CPU: Intel Core i9 9880h
GPU: RTX 2070 8GB
Recorder: Shadowplay

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