Stop Asian Hate - Creating Brave Spaces for Asians Students to share and for others to listen

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Brave spaces and safe spaces are crucial right now, particularly for Asian Americans. In order to #StopAsianHate people to need to listen to our voices.

What is your school doing to recognize and acknowledge Anti-Asian hate? A high school recently hosted a "Listening session" which was a "brave space" for Asian students to speak and to be heard. It is "brave" because we cannot insure the safety of the students. Consider replicating this format for school, PTA meetings, neighborhood or and any kind of group. #StopAsianHate is not talked about in the mainstream, people do not understand the insidious nature and magnitude of the problem. Think about adapting this model.

Meet Brooke, 16 year old, Black and Korean, female student in Pennsylvania who recruited other Asian American students to share their lived experiences in school being Asian. Brooke is the Vice President of the Black Student Union and she founded the Asian Student Union.

Director of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, African American, Justin Brown set up the event, which he has also done for the Black Students. This was meant to be a brave space for open dialogue and open to the public.

This fireside chat was a 90 minute raw, truth telling, heart-felt sharing of their experiences to be Asian. At the school is about 30% Asian, yet the treatment impact they received is crushing to hear, but imperative to hear. We will hear from the students next week.


1. Reach out to your Asian American friends - please tell them you support them. It is okay to say, you don't what to say. (Silence is painful).
2. Follow the #StopAsianHate stories
3. Go to the resources, read, listen, watch
4. Share, like, comment
5. Change your profile frame
6. Change your cover photo
7. Share your Asian friend's public posts
8. Get bystander intervention training

Listen and validate your Asian friends, please don't dismiss us. Let us be heard and seen

Step by Step How to help

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Massive Resource List

Start here - Friday launches

Playlist of interviews with Asian Americans about Asian Hate

The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit


Videos about Asian American History
• History of Asian Americans
• Education

• Smithsonian Asian Pacific American History #BreakingAPABias

Asian American News

• @NextShark
• @DionLimTV
• @ResonateVoices

Listen to Asian American Podcasts

Report Asian Hate Crimes

Ask your employers what they are doing to recognize Asian hate and to condemn it
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