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WHAT’S NEW In Temple Run 2 Pirate Cove Earth Day 2021 Update
Pirate Cove needs your help! Only runners like you can clean it up! It's time to go green and help make the world of Temple Run a safer and healthier place!
+Pirate Cove is piled with refuse in the return of our Earth Day Map!
+Runners Maria Selva and Rahi Raja are out on the beaches to get the cleanup started!
+Celebrate Earth Day by collecting two themed artifacts sets and three hats!
+Collect litter while you run and work as a community to restore Pirate Cove to its former beauty!
Watch me play Temple Run 2 In All The Available Maps With All The Characters.

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With a huge success of Temple Run with over a zillion downloads, Imangi Studios decided to take the journey to the next level With Temple Run 2. The game launched in 2013 and has more than 500,000,000+ installs alone on google play store. The endless running game is one of my favorite and It launched with only a single map and multiple characters to run with but over the years this game got many awesome updates and now it has 13+ maps and characters to run with. I love this game So subscribe to my channel for the latest Temple Run 2 Videos.


★ Beautiful new graphics
★ Gorgeous new organic environments
★ New obstacles
★ More powerups
★ More achievements
★ Special powers for each character
★ Bigger monkey!!!

Temple Run 2 Maps Available Now:-
- Temple Run 2 Sky Summit
- Temple Run 2 Frozen Shadows
- Temple Run 2 Blazing Sands
- Temple Run 2 Lost Jungle
- Temple Run 2 Spooky Summit
- Temple Run 2 Frozen Festival
- Temple Run 2 Lantern Festival
- Temple Run 2 Pirates Cove
- Temple Run 2 Spirits Cove
- Temple Run 2 Holi Festival
- Temple Run 2 Blooming Sands
- Temple Run 2 Spooky Ridge
- Temple Run 2 Jungle Fall
- Temple Run 2 Holiday Havoc
- Temple Run 2 Spooky Ridge
- Temple Run 2 Volcano Island

Playlists :
#1. Temple Run 2 Sky Summit:-

#2. Temple Run 2 Lost Jungle Lantern Festival:-

#3. Temple Run 2 Frozen Shadows:-

#4. Temple Run 2 Pirate Cove:-

#5. Temple Run 2 Spirits Cove:-

#6. Temple Run 2 Spooky Summit:-

#7. Temple Run 2 Blazing Sands:-

#8. Temple Run 2 Lost Jungle:-

#9. Temple Run 2 Winter Wasteland:-

#10. Temple Run 2 Holi Festival:-

#11. Temple Run 2 Blooming Sands:-

#12. Temple Run 2 Spooky Ridge:-

#13. Temple Run 2 Holiday Havoc:-

#14. Temple Run 2 Jungle Fall:-

Endless Runner:-

WHAT’S NEW In The Latest Update
Explosions of colors are all around for the Holi Festival! Run, jump, and glide your way down the five joyous colors of the glistening river!

+Make a splash in our most colorful map ever, the Holi Festival!
+Paint the temple with our new color challenges and more!
+This world is best explored with characters Rahi and Nidhi.
+Try to run on as many colors as you can!

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