The New Forest Video Diary March - April 2021 #leavenotrace

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What happened in the New Forest in March and April 2021? Spring flowers, Woodpeckers, The Dawn Chorus, The Pubs opened! Hedge trimming, Brook Hill Vineyard, Spring Lambs ... This is the April update of The New Forest video diary.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:18 St David's Day Daffodils
0:00:28 Woodpeckers
0:00:53 Hedge Trimming
0:01:11 Cat in the Hedge
0:01:24 March Storm
0:01:35 The Dawn Chorus
0:02:34 Robin's Nest
0:02:45 Rare Birds Nesting
0:02:59 Spring Flowers
0:03:16 Fallow Deer Bucks
0:03:30 Roe Deer Buck
0:03:45 Sheep in the Forest
0:04:05 April Frost
0:04:13 12th April Pubs Opened
0:04:32 Brook Hill Vineyard
0:06:16 Crow
0:06:30 Spring Lambs

Robin's Nest: Charlie Tatchell
Blackbird Singing: Pixabay

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