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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie "THE THRILLER" (dubbed from Malayalam Superhit film "The Thriller") starring Prithviraj, Cathernie Tressa, Siddiqui.

Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Thriller Movie "The Thriller" (dubbed from Kannada movie "The Thriller") starring Prithviraj, Cathernie Tressa, Siddiqui.
Prithviraj as Niranjan, a young IPS super-cop, who is daring to the core is assigned the case of the mysterious murder of a scion of 700 crore business empire, Simon Palathingal, he is immersed with every sort of pressures that arise from his bosses and from even the home minister.
Within days of the murder, Niranjan zeroes in on a Dubai based don Martin Dinakar (Sampath) who was the professional rival of the murdered man. Then interspersed are references about IPL cricket team, Hawala, sand mafia , S -shaped knife and allied cases and striking resemblances with all the events of the highway murder case that shocked the state, a couple of months ago.

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Genre: Indian Bollywood Movie: Action - Thriller
Starring: Prithviraj, Cathernie Tressa, Siddiqui
Director: B. Unnikrishanan
Music: Dharan Kumar
Year: 2010
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