We Now Know Which Chain Restaurant Has The Best Grilled Cheese

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The humble grilled cheese might not be what's on your mind when you head to a fast food drive thru, but we're here to tell you that more than a few national chains have this golden brown sandwich on offer. However, not all grilled cheeses are equally good. Some of these fast food spots skimp on the ingredients, creating their grilled cheese from ingredients that are normally used for burger prep. Others make the grilled cheese a priority, giving this classic the deliciousness that it deserves. So next time you're craving a a grilled cheese, but don't want to run to the grocery, head to the drive thru instead. We now know which chain restaurant has the best grilled cheese.

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Dairy Queen | 0:00
Five Guys | 1:22
Panera Bread | 2:14
Cook Out | 3:22
In-N-Out | 4:17
Chick-fil-A | 5:37
Shake Shack | 6:40
Zaxby's | 7:41
Culver's | 8:37
Wawa | 9:42
Sonic Drive-In | 10:53
Steak 'N Shake | 12:00

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